Where to Buy

First! I am pleased to announce an exhibit for ‘New SeriouslySickSocks♥ Designs!’. The exhibit is titled ‘Bumps and Thumps’ an will be on view at Arts West Community Art Center, Athens Ohio, October 4th -28th, 2018. Opening is October 4th, 5-8:00 pm.

Currently my SeriouslySickSocks Etsy store is empty. I am still recovering from 3 years of Graduate Study (MFA painting and drawing) and have not had time to restock my adorable horrible inventory…working on it though. In fact I have no stock except what is being shown at the upcoming ‘Bumps and Thumps’ exhibit.

After October 28, inventory left from ‘Bumps and Thumps’ exhibit can be purchased at Starbrick Gallery ( an Artists cooperative gallery),  Nelsonville, Ohio or you can contact me directly at:


I will be posting images here very soon of the ‘Bumps and Thumps’ exhibit. This exhibit is only of SeriouslySickSocks new designs but I am working on my updated original zombie and classic monsters.  These will be available after the first of the year (2019).

I do not take custom orders after October first.

My web page and this blog are currently being updated.

I do a better job updating my website than this blog… just so you know!


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