Where to Buy

You can purchase from my Etsy store or you may contact me directly at seriouslysicksocks@gmail.com or give me a call at 740-591-2939. If you are looking for something specific contact me directly. I do not take orders after Thanksgiving.

I will be the first person to tell you that my web page is hard for me to manage and most of the seriouslysicksocks you see there are sold. If you enjoy reading a short fun story that goes with the design you are interested in …go to the seriouslysicksocks.com products page …read…be amused. All of my designs come out looking a wee bit different from each other because of the available socks I have to work with. That is what makes them so ‘one of a kind’.
I do a better job updating my blog and will soon have updates on the designs I have available here at the studio.
Any seriouslysicksocks listed on my Etsy store are immediately available.

Prices listed as:

Pocket Zombies

….the little guys, about 8-10 inches …$25.00

Seriously Sick Socks …these are my full size [14-17 inch] zombie designs ….these range from $50-65.00 depending on the amount of detail.

Seriously Sick Socks Classics…designs taken from my favorite movies featuring monsters from old 50’s 60’s horror and sci fi. About 4 of these designs boast eyes that glow ‘red’ in the dark [battery operated]. These range from $65.00-75.00

I do have a line of Seriously Sick Socks Accessories that will follow sometime in the New Year. Stay Tuned.


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