I use recycled socks for my SeriouslySickSocks™. You may laugh at that since socks are a throw away item in our culture but I seemed to have made recycled socks a fabric material of choice to work with. Socks are gathered come from local reuse clothing stores, clothing drives/exchange leftovers or friends handing me bags or boxes of favorite socks that they have a hard time throwing out. Holes are the determining throw away factor; most people prefer not to mend those holes…those holes lead to lots of creativity! Thrown out men’s wool and cotton work socks are great for dying (all are machine washed squeaky clean!) and go right into the dye bucket… I keep socks soaking in buckets of colors; bloody red, grungy tan, grayish/greenish, purplish colors. When pulled out and dried these socks give me a great color palette for creating assorted monster-type dolls. But there are all kind of socks used, some are synthetic blends, baby sock size through men’s work boot size. All are washed and then sorted by size, color, fuzziness, and thickness, ready to use when scissors and needle are in hand!

Sock scrapes, after making the large 12-14inch scale SeriouslySickSocks™ zombie sock monkey are used for creating smaller Pocket Zombies and Pocket Zilla’s (new!). Even smaller scraps are turned into zombie wounds for the big dolls and recently into sock scrap fashionable jewelry pins for hats or coat lapels. What is left then …is cut/shredded and used as stuffing/filler. I pretty much use up the whole sock!

Danette Pratt is a retired biological illustrator, fiber artist, workshop instructor and creator/designer of SeriouslySickSocks™. She lives in the rural hills of Southeastern Ohio with two fearsome Yorkshire terriers who really think of themselves as very large dogs! She may be reached by email at seriouslysicksocks@gmail.com. To see more of her artwork, please visit her websites: seriouslysicksocks.wordpress.com & http://www.danettepratt.site.

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