SeriouslySickSocks has been absent for a long time…

SeriouslySickSocks has been absent for a long time…


But…there has been good reason for that! I have made it through three years of graduate study and have finally started feeling settled back in my SeriouslySickSock studio after all that MFA work! Phew! Intense but so rewarding…

This summer was spent creating new designs and writing articles as a featured artist in not one, but two very popular art doll magazines! My Art Doll Magazine entry was for haunted fairy tales; I choose to create the Three Billy Goat Gruffians, Troll Hunters! And for Prims Magazine, I entered the fall/winter holiday entry call with three good friends out for a midnight snack, the Hunting for Grub Club. Please check out these magazines, they are awesome and are now on sale.

Continued requests during my graduate studies were inquiring if I was still making and/or creating SeriouslySickSocks. These requests were so often that I had started feeling pretty guilty that I had been ignoring my horrible little creations. There was just no time…

I was graciously asked by Arts West Community Center, Athens OH, if I would like a solo show when I did in fact have new creations made. October 2018, the month of Halloween, seemed very appropriate to update the SeriouslySickSocks community with new designs!

With the title, ‘Bumps and Thumps’ I will be exhibiting new designs for SeriouslySickSocks… but the old designs have not been forgotten! ….I just have not had time to ‘re-make’ that inventory before the exhibit!

One of the new practices in my SeriouslySickSocks studio is that I am trying to not use polyester fiber fill in any of my creations and trying to eliminate plastics from my studio. And that’s hard! …but I am taking little steps. Eliminating fiber fill stuffing is awesome! …I have never liked or enjoyed working with fiber fill. All my new designs are now fully made and ‘stuffed’ with squeaky clean, (some socks re-dyed) re-cycled and new socks.

the opening for SeriouslySickSocks ‘Bumps and Thumps’ Exhibit is October 4th, 5:00 – 8:00 PM, Arts West, Athens Ohio. ‘Bumps and Thumps’ is open to the public October 4th through October 28th, 10:00 – 5:00 PM, M-F; different hours apply to weekends.



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