I thought I might do an update for SeriouslySickSocks!!

This is how my brain has felt for the last 6 monsths!
This is how my brain has felt for the last 6 monsths!

….This is how my brain has felt for the last 6 months!

It has been a long winter and not so pleasent.

But the sun is starting to shine more and there are events starting soon!

During the long winter I have been coming up with some new ideas for seriouslysicksocks™ but I am in catch up mode with a number of major projects in the studio and there is  much busy-ness in the ‘real world’ work place.

So …new seriouslysicksocks™designs will be happening soon!

An Invitational Art Show (10 women artists) is happening April 27 in Nelsonville Ohio; I have been asked to show recent artwork.  The opening will be April 27, Sunday evening probably around 5 or 6:00pm till darkish???? not sure. I have 3 new paintings, 3 drawings 1-3 new doll design and a projection of this years GIFs creations. But if you would like to know more info about this show please send a note to serioulsysicksocks@gmail.com.  I will be posting more info about that show soon. Everyone is invited.

Really…I promise…I really do want to be better with this blog thing!

I have been in 2 other art shows since last fall. Women of Appalachia (WOA) was up Nov – Dec 2013  at the Multicultrural Gallery, Baker Center, Ohio University, Athens Ohio. Here is a link if you would like to read about it. I had 3 drawings hung in that show. When the WOA show came down at Baker Center the show traveled to Park View Gallery, Chillicothe Ohio. The WOA show was up in Park View Gallery Jan-Feb 2014.

http://woub.org/2013/10/17/women-speak-appalachian-art-project-celebrates-five-years                  My drawing ‘Rocks with Holes’ is shown in the article.

I attended an experimental drawing and painting class, fall 2013, Ohio University, Athens OH. The class actually had me very busy and it showed in my seriouslysicksocks production over the holiday and winter…  BUT! it was an awesome class and I had so much fun, learned lots,  I spent a lot of  time on something I love to do….paint and draw! One painting from that class will be hung in “POP Culture Art Show”, (Opening Friday evening, April 18) presented by Arts West our Community Arts Center, Athens OH. This art show is to coincide with the upcoming 4th! Annual Ratha Con Comic and Pop Culture Comic Convention, April 26, 10:00am – 5:00-pm at the Athens Recreation Center, State Street, Athens, Ohio. Here is a link to Arts West and the Ratha Con Facebook page (go like them!).



The last year has also has had me loving ….and I mean loving! to do animated gifs. I am so inspired by what other people are doing with GIFs! Tumbler is my favorite place to go for inspiration and I do have a GIF blog there. If you would like to take a look at what I have been working on here is the link:       http://attedragon.tumblr.com/my%20gifs. I go by attedragon on Tumbler

leftBuildings w_monkeys

I made the GIF  intro on this post this morning; screen grabs/frames taken from the movie Forbidden Plant. That movie is my all time most favorite B Science Fiction movie ever! A Classic! This movie inspired George Lucus to create Star Wars! One of the first feature length all color sci fi movie of the time, astounding sound effects and sp fx….again… for the time. I love this movie….

I entered 3 GIFs in the Tate Gallery (London) call for entries this past January/Feburary. The opening was in Feb. They gave you 5, 1840’s paintings from the Tate Gallery collection for artists to make their GIFs.


Here are GIFs (2) I entered for the show…


Some photos from the Tate that they sent to me of the opening….since I couldn’t be there!

credits: 1840s GIF Party, Late at Tate Britain, image Copyright Greg Sigson1840s GIF Party -  image by Greg Sigston-1 1840s GIF Party 2 -  image by Greg Sigston1840s GIF Party 3-1

Wimper! Wimper! But would have loved to have atteneded! Of course just making the GIFs to send was pretty fun.


Thats about all for now…I am back to the studio!


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