MothMan 2013


Yes…another MothMan Fesitval is behind us….

but what fun and what great people and what wonderful conections again this year!

MothMan is one of the most family friendly, most amusing festival anywhere. I mean, there is a MothMan Beauty Pageant the Friday night before the festival! And all those lovely ladies and young ladies donned their jeans,sweatshirts and shinny MothMan contestant pins 20120916_113408 to come out and share those fabulous smiles on us venders who where trying to stay dry in the pouring rain Saturday! There was a good crowd that braved all that wetness to say hello as well, and all of us who where vending and trying to keep dry truly appreciated your visit. Sunday was a different day entirely….


 As I left the house that Sunday morning things were looking pretty good…dry and sun coming up!

Miss MothMan 2013 (please some one identify this lovely young lady …I have misplaced her name and feel terrible! send info to! quick! and thanks….)

Another day of great people, great fun and just a enjoyable time saying hello to new faces and meeting new!


2013 National Pure America Miss, Brittany Sayre
2013 National Pure America Miss, Brittany Sayre
Brittany Sayre
Brittany Sayre
yes, there was an appearence by MothMan!
Amanda Baker, 2013 National Pure American Miss Sweetheart!


My neighbors! and their awesome Creature from the black lagoon and Frankenstein shoes!
Alexandra Baker, 2013 Tiny Miss MothMan Queen


Hannah Pope, 2013 Little Miss MothMan Queen!


Emily Beveridge and Schalane Ohrman….and the Hydra drinking rootbeer floats!
Nate Wallace went home with a Cthulhu!
close up on the feet of SeriouslySickSocks™ One eyed, one horn, flying purple people eater…..that now lives with Emily.
Schalane Ohrman and Danette Pratt…yep, that’ s me in the Broom Rider Hat…!

And to rap this all up….a big shout out to Jeff Wamsley and all his helpers and the city of Pt. Pleasent for making a great 2013 MothMan Festival again this year. I would also like to say hi to everyone that stopped by SeriouslySickSocks™ and said hello! And a special howdy to Sarah (thanks! you know who you are…), Big Hugs to Chad and Alta-all the way from …Anniston, Alabama!, and a Very Big… ‘It was a pleasure meeting you!’ to Eerie Eric and Kerrie from Erie, Pennsylvania (Eric did the awesome Sasquatch paintings!).

SeriouslySickSocks™ will  be in Nelsonville , Ohio for Final Friday, this friday, September 27, 2013, and will be settling at Starbrick Gallery through the Holidays!

Hope to see you there. Goggle Starbrick Gallery, Nelsonville OH for more info on Septembers Final Friday.

Ohh!…if I got anyone’s name wrong…O My!…just send me a message and I will change ASAP!

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