I did not get to say ‘Happy New Year!”

I did not get to say ‘Happy New Year!”

Why yes, that is a pin coming out the center of my toe!
Why yes, that is a pin coming out the center of my toe!

And, it was for a very good reason. I had foot surgery the week before Christmas and if any of you out there has had foot surgery then you know…

it was not fun.

The surgery itself was fine…just recovery is taking a lot more out of me than expected. It is very difficult being a two foot person, then suddenly a one foot person.

I have lived the last couple of weeks being made aware of how much our world is not accessible to those who are handicapped. Not being able to put my foot down with NO weight on it is so much more difficult than I had ever, ever expected. At least I am past my half way point in the recovery process, keeping my foot off the ground and only two and a half weeks left! Then on to learning how to walk on my foot again….oh joy.

The Holidays were not very bright this year. No traveling, just sitting with foot in the air ….I am so tired of sitting with my foot in the air…

This week has found me a little more active and I actually have been in the studio a bit! I am working on some new designs for an upcoming show at the end of Feburary 2013. I will be posting more information about the show in a couple weeks. I will be showing my SerioulsySickSocks™  2013 New Designs, February 22, at Starbrick Gallery, Nelsonville, Ohio. The third friday of each month Nelsonville Ohio hosts an ART WALK, 5:00 – 9:00pm around the town’s ‘Victorian Square with fountain’ with all the stores, galleries (4), shops open for a very friendly fun evening with lots to see and new people to talk too. Goes without sayning that it includes good food and live music somewhere around the square or at Stuart’s Opera House.

Here is some contact informationif you are interested in Nealsonville Ohio:

Stuart’s Opera HouseNelsonvilleOhio  www.stuartsoperahouse.org/,

Starbrick Gallery  www.starbrick.com/,

Nelsonville Pottery & Arts  www.nelsonvillepottery.com/,

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway — Official Site  www.hvsry.org/

Pre-Surgery found me creating a couple of interesting SerioulsySickSocks™  designs. During October when all the Halloween STUFF is out in stores I found these very funny litte animated ‘monster dolls’ that danced to theme music on a stand. The ones I saw were a skeleton, a mummy, witch, ghost. The mummy was the most fun becuase it had the theme music of MJ’s Thriller! …only I thought the mummy just did not fit the music. So I bought one, took it home redressed it as a SerioulsySickSocks™ Pocket Zombie…OMG…so cute! Here it is… 
Then right before the holiday/surgery a friend saw the above and begged for one…but she wanted it as a SerioulsySickSocks™ Pocket Zombie PENGUIN!
and then, another friend saw the penquin…well you can see where this is heading don’t you….?
I do have some ‘extra’ animated dolls, and I will be getting to them when I can. I am hoping to have one available at the Starbrick Gallery Opening, Febuary 22, 2013.
I should have a couple up on my Etsy store soon as well.
That’s it for now! Hope everyone’s New Year started out great! Well at least better than mine!
sss penguin1sss pocket zombie 1 asss pocket zombie 2
sss pocket zombie2 a

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