MothMan 2012, What fun!

We arrive in Pt. Pleasent, WV, friday afternoon to the buzz of tents/tables being made ready for vender setup early Saturday morning. We (myslf and helper/SUPER friend! Sky Cone) headed straight to the MothMan museum. We ran into more fellow Athens venders there! (GreenMantel Studio, MarieM Studio, Tina’s Tiaras’) My SerioulySickSocks™ helper for the weekend, Sky Cone, was almost carried off by MothMan!…luckily the Men in Black scarecrow that was set up in the Museum detoured the MothMan from making his strike!

Help! Help! screams Sky!….mothman_sky

We finished up at the Museum and went over to enjoy a pleasant evening watching the Young Miss, Miss, Ms and Mrs 2012 MothMan Beauty Pageant competition at the open amphitheater situated right by the beautiful Ohio River (great performance spot!). A very chill breeze kicked up trying to blow in some rain; almost carried off the sound & light operators tent) and made everyone afraid that it was about to rain. Luckily it pasted over and the show continued without a mis-stepped high heel (and some of those heels were plenty high!) I have never attended a beauty pageant. I have viewed Miss USA Pagents on TV a time or two in past years. But, I have to say that this pageant was really well done and attended. There were multi-state competitors, ALL AGES (there was a wee miss pageant on Thursday, the night before). But the young women who competed in the friday night pagent were just wonderful and put on a very nice show. Unfortunatly we left before the end, the party I was with were all very hungry, so we left…but we knew we would see the winners the next day! And we did! I do not have their names right now but I will go find them and post soon. But aren’t they lovely! I think they were up early saturday morning to hand out prizes to the  MothMan 5k race that ended on the main street front of the MothMan statue.

Saturday was a happy vending day for SerioulySickSocks™. Wonderful, wonderful people came through with lots of stories and some  of the visitors came from a long way off!

There were people that came thru my booth from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Indiana, Virginia, Oklahoma!….Missouri, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, West Virgina, Ohio (Dayton, Cincinatti, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland (hi Beth and John!) Kent, Akron, Marietta, Chillicothe, Gallapolis, etc), Kentucky, Minnesota, St Louis, Illinoise  and  that is all I can remember right now. So it was a good crowd from all over. I forgot to ask Jeff Wamsley for this years MothMan attendence count. I will try and share that with you all.

Here are some very happy faces that visited my  SerioulySickSocks™ booth (some old friends from last year sought us out this year!…and found us in the same spot!) to share in the smiles my little adorable horribles can put on your face!

( I will update all this tomorrow…to late to do it now, sorry. But there is more to put up!, but no more hours to this day to do it!)

See you tomorrow!




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