SeriouslySickSocks™ will be at MothMan Festival this Weekend!

I am on my way to MothMan tomorrow!…I can’t wait. I will be traveling with friends/fellow venders who will be adding to the festivities! You can find us set up close to the MothMan Sculpture in the midst of down town Pt. Pleasent, WV.

SeriouslySickSocks has some new designs, new pin accessories and MothMan 2012 posters! This poster was actually a piece of art that was part of the Butterfly Exhibit at the Kennedy Art Museum (The Ridges, Athens, Ohio) It was shown May thru Labor Day weekend. ‘My MothMan’ started out as a North Carolina Sphinx Moth that I sketched under a disecting scope in my good friend Dr. Joe Eastman’s Lab (Life Science Building, OU, Athens Oh). I then took the drawing into Adobe Illustrator and had fun with it! Come see, I will have copies of the poster for sale.

still have not updated my SeriouslySickSocks™ webpage so if you are disapointed just know how much worse I feel. Maybe…after MothMan …and before the holidays I will get that done!

So, stop by and say hello at MothMan. I would love to meet you and show you my adorable horribles. There is good weather predicted so that makes things even better!

My new ‘Giazzard’ and a new re-design of Spridermonkey w/Victim. There is also a new ‘Zombie Bride and Groom’…come see us!


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