I have been so absent! I have not meant to be.

Time to ask for forgiveness…I am so bad to not have kept up with my blog!
Honestly,  I do not know what happened to the time flying by!
All I can say is; I was sick the month of March; Busy getting UnionArts Performance and Art Gallery ready for our Grand Opening occupied April and May;
June I tried to take a bit of vacation…went to Chicago…I love Chicago! I saw the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit! OMG!
And, all along there has been lots of work at my 9-5 job…!
I did manage to get  2 drawings and some small dimensional pieces in the Butterfly Exhibit at the Kennedy Museum, the Ridges, Athens, Ohio. http://www.ohio.edu/museum/
I really like my ink drawing I have in the show. Sorry, no pictures yet, I had just made my dead line on the day I delivered the drawing and that is the day I came down with the flu in March.
My adorable horribles have been worked on sporadically. I am actually getting caught up with some of that production now.
Halloween is going to be here before you know it, not to mention MothMan  http://mothmanfestival.com/ is coming up in the second week of September. I will be sure to be there! I am bringing along friends this year!
October, weekend of the 20th will see the second annual ScabMart™  http://scabmart.wordpress.com/about/ that will be held at UnionArts Gallery, downtown Athens OH…more information will be coming on that very soon.
I do have some SeriouslySickSocks™ around at the moment. A re-do on my SpiderMonkey™ design, she has turned into a black widow, a bit more menacing…
A new FrankenMonkey™; new Bents; new Cthulhus™; lots of Pocket Zombies™ coming your way; and Frankenstein and Skull Pins! So, I guess I have been a bit busy and I will have lots to show soon. Hope summer is going well for everyone.

I will be back with new updates soon!

SpiderMonkey™ by seriouslysicksocks™


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