SeriouslySickSocks™ is not being worked on at the moment…

Why you ask? Well, the ballast for ALL SIX, 4 bulb fixtures decided to stop working!
Talking with my electrician friend and someone at Lowes…come to find out that gee…
Fluorescent light fixtures made for studios or workshops are fitted with not so great ballast boxes so that they do not have a long life [mine lasted 4 yrs.]. And then you, the owner, will have to replace those ballast with new ones that are much better and last longer. Had I known this when I bought them! What a scam by the manufacturer!
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I kept watching as one by one each fixture went out until ….the only one that stayed on…was the one directly over my work table [bless that little elf that kept that light on during Christmas Sales!]. All during I kept wondering. …What the heck is happening to my lights! Thank goodness for the ONE light that was left on above my work table! Of course it’s out now.
So, in the morning…when there is light…I have to go up on a ladder, unscrew, cut wires and take down the ballast [yes I will remember to turn off the electric]; and the dead ballast to the electric supply; and buy six new ones.
I remember the old fluorescent light fixtures that were in my dad’s workshop…lasted FOR EVER…and when they did need a new ballast you just went down to the hardware, bought a $.50 ballast the size of you thumb knuckle, popped it in and you were good to go! Why do my ballast cost $24.00 each? Just saying…. geez.
And the worst part still is there is no light in my studio when I get home at night so I can only work on replacing ballast, one at a time in the morning before going to work! Then another couple the next day and…so on until maybe I will be ready to WORK again in my studio by the weekend! Can someone please turn on a light…!

And, speaking of lights still, I have been working on a very large drawing, trying to finish it ….no lights in the studio…. working on the kitchen table! I could only work on the drawing on the weekends when I was home and there was daylight! I Finally completed it this weekend. I have given you a couple of detail shots as a peek. I will wait to show the full drawing until I know it has been accepted into a local art show, that should be soon.
Titled: 2 Faced & Gossip. It’s big, bigger than I thought…32×40. No wonder it took so long to finish. I have not worked on a drawing this large before.


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