Time for Year Two!

Things have settled down around the studio now that the Christmas craze is over. Friends and family have been visited and hugged…well some of the family are waiting for hugs and visits this weekend.

I am about to start year two of SeriouslySickSocks™!

It has been a fun adventure so far.

I have a number of new designs coming up in the New Year 2011. Going to try and put together an accessory line for my fearsome critters. I keep working on the gas masks… trying to get them to fit just right… that darn little retractable eyeball causes problems! I will keep working on it.

While thinking about new designs I have also been working on a new drawing that will be entered in a women’s art show here in Southeastern Ohio. Again, the holidays have taken it’s toll on my ‘free time’ to do art so the drawing is not done and the dead line is upon me. I am really excited about the drawing ….the title; ‘Two Faced and Gossip’ are two nasty monsters. It is taking a long time to get in every little detail, but I think it will be a very nice once I am finished. The drawing is 36”x20”, one of the largest drawings I have ever done.

I also have another drawing to enter in a different show. This show requests that drawings are no larger than 5×5, including the frame. The drawing I am entering for this show is of my little, 14 year old, Yorkshire terrier, Belle who died this summer… just about 2 weeks after I sketched her. It was very sad to lose her, and very unexpected. Belle seemed very healthy except that she could no longer hear or see very well. Yorkies can live to be 20+ years; my last Yorkie…Renae…lived to be 17 years old.

I am going to leave you with photos of my ‘Christmas Themed Zombies’. These designs are my hats off for all the years ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” has played in households…since the 60’s. It so needed the additions of zombies…..
I did not call the Yeti creation a Bumble though…while putting him together his name sorted itself out to be Yeti Spaghetti … I really enjoyed making all three of these guys.

Zombie ole St Nick has a bag of entails, and organs….

Rudolph has a target you push and his nose lights up.

And, Yeti Spaghetti has red eyes that light up, a hairy back and long scary fingers and toes. I sold out of Christmas Zombies this year but there will be more next year!


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  1. I just love everything you create and I can’t wait to see what new things you come up with in the new year!!! Looking forward to seeing the drawing, too.

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